What It Does

You ever want to listen to what your friends are listening to? You ever want to directly share your music with your friends? Now with Twitunez you can! If you have iTunes playing your favorite playlist, then simply run the Twitunez Server, and have your friends use the player. They launch Twitunez Player with its default settings, or with custom settings you choose!
Now their iTunes will create a Twitunez Player playlist, that will search for songs you are playing, and cue it to their playlist! If a match cannot be found, then Twitunez will select a song at random based on the Genre they chose when they launched Twitunez!

Want to have your own custom station? Add a 'Custom Tag' to your Server's preferences. You can even add a message that will be displayed at an interval of your choosing, allowing you to make ad placements, or announcements!

Have Macs in different locations, and want to have the same songs playing in each room? You can go out and buy an Airport express for each room, find other hardware and software solutions, or several other ways to stream music, but why?! If you have the same libraries on all your local computers, then you can use these applications to play the same 'stations' on all your computers! (they will not be in 'sync')

Current member of the Washington Apple Pi? Get a FREE Twitunez Player donation key!


Member of a Macintosh User Group? Are you a member of an Apple media user group? I am running a promotion in which you can get free registration keys for Twitunez!
Please go to the Promotion Page for more info!


Open the server preferences and use your own tag so people can follow your specific playlist!

Twitunez Server

Donate $4 for Twitunez Player

Twitunez Server

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• OS X 10.6
• lots of good music





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