Twitunez Player

Playing Music

Launch Twitunez Player, and click play. All you need is an internet connection.


The default is Pop. This is the most common Genre for most iTunes Libraries.

If Twitunez cannot find a song from its Twitter™ source, then it will choose a random track from your Library based on this Genre. If you want the music to be weighted to a specific Genre, select it here.


If someone is running a custom Twitunez Server stream, enter the custom Tag here. If you are following someone's Twitunez Stream, then they will send you this string of characters, and you enter into the text field. Or if you find a Twitunez Server stream you like on your own, then add that as a 'station'

For instance; I am running a Twitunez Server, and I enter a string: 3452176098. I then email/tweet™ you that string. You then enter 3452176098 into the text field, then press the Play button. The Twitunez Player will then replicate that playlist.


If you set a rating, then the player will still replicate songs from the Server playlist. However, if Twitunez cannot find a matching track, it will find one at random to keep the magic going. Setting the rating will allow Twitunez Player to 'randomly' get songs that match, or are greater than the star rating you chose. It always defaults to 'none', as this give you the greatest number of optional tracks. Warning! If you do not have most or ALL of your tracks rated, do not use this feature, or set it at least one star lower than you normally would want to. Use five star at your peril. There is great peril to be had using the five star rating, and the peril shall be yours.

Donation Key

Please donate! You will get 3 reminders during playtime. They are popup windows that dismiss themselves. The player will also stop after 60 songs. If you donate, the reminders and limit will go away. I have spent a lot of time on this labor of love.


Once launched, you cannot quit Twitunez directly. You must stop or pause iTunes. Once stopped or paused, Twitunez will stop running. You may then quit or restart.

Twitunez Server

Serving Music

You must have a Twitter™ account to use the Server.

If you launch Twitunes without entering a Unique Tag, then all your songs will be added to the 'pool' of all songs. They can be found by doing a Twitter™ search for #twitunez #nowplaying

If you create your own Custom Tag, try to use something that is random (ex: 5TgFv54n3P). If you can't think of a string, click the random generator button next to the Tag text field, and it will be created for you. Whats more it will be save for your next session so if you have followers, you wont have to send another email out with the unique tag. Setting a unique tag, other Twitunes Players won't get confused and follow the wrong Server, unless you are stringing together a network of Twitunez Servers, that could be even more fun!

If you select a playlist from the drop box before starting the Server, it will play that playlist before starting the Server. This is a list of playlists that are best suited for use (large number of tracks, and shuffle enabled). If you try to start the Server while music is not playing, you will be prompted to select a playlist, and it will start playing the selected playist, then start the Server

Donation Key

Please donate! Many hours have been put into these applications! You will see a few reminders that dismiss themselves, that will go away if you donate. The Server is only missing one feature, and has one restricion if you do not donate: see "Recurring Message" below, you will also be limited to 60 songs per session, and see three reminders that dismiss themselves.

Recurring Message

Want to have a message that is broadcast occasionally? Want to brand your own stream? Use the recurring message to place and ad, 'station' identification. personal message, whatever you want! It will appear as a popup window on the screen of anyone running the Twitunez Player and following your stream (using Custom Tag). You must donate to use this feature.

Shorten URL

Need to add a URL to you message but it is 200 characters long? Shorten it right here using™. Then copy and paste it into your message.


Stop, or Pause iTunes. The Server will stop running. You may then start a new stream of quit Twitunez Server


The player unexpectedly stops: Twitter™ may be slow, the Twitunez Server may have stopped. You can manually check the Twitter™ stream to see if the Server is still streaming. Try and restart the player. If the Server has stopped, Twitunez Player will alert you and ask if you want to continue. If you do, it will play random tracks until the Server comes back online.

The Twitunez Player isn't playing the songs the Server is showing: make sure the title of the track on the Server doesnt have any weird characters or unnecessary letters or numbers. For instance you may have a song titled "02 How Soon Is Now?" but it should be "How Soon Is Now?".

In general, clean up your Library titles for best results.

A song was posted, and I know I have it, but it didn't play. Why not? Depending on the timing of the update, the song may have been skipped. There can also be a lag time when the song gets posted by Twitunez Server, and when it actually appears in the Twitter™ timeline. The player will keep looking.

Twitunez Player skipped a song. Why? Perhaps your version of Thriller is 2 minutes long, and the Server's version is playing the 8 minute remix. Or vice versa, this can cause seemingly erratic behaviour, but Twitunez Player is doing what is necessary to not interrupt the music. Don't worry, it will get back on track!

"Dude, the Server is clearly playing 'Something to Do (Black Strobe Mix edited by Beatmaster23)' but the Player is playing 'Something to Do (Fatherless Child Alternative Version)', wassupwitdat?!?" If you have many versions of the same song, the Player is selecting one of the many found. This level of granularity is not available at this time (kinda).

Technical Information

Best Practice

Do not run the Server and the Player at the same time for several reasons. The only relevant one is that an average Twitter™ user is limited to 150 'pings' per hour. If you are running the Server and Player you will 'ping' at least two times per song times the amount of songs. On top of your regular usage. You should still be well under your limit, but just in case, don't run both


The Server and Player connect via standard http protocol. be aware that with the Server you will be sending your credential unencrypted over the network. I repeat, your credentials will NOT be encrypted! Please be aware of this if you plan on using the Server on a shared network.

I initially attempted to use the server via https, but the connections are restricted over time, unreliable (for the purposes of the Twitunez Server), and caused several other headaches. I want the service to be as reliable as possible, so I went with http.

The Server and Player create hidden files on your system. They only store your preferences for the Server and Player. they are titled: '.twitunezinfo' and '.twitunezinfop'.

There is no reporting from the Server or Player. There is no information being gleaned, shared, or otherwise procured. I respect your privacy. The Server and Player just 'talk' via Twitter™. Be aware that your tweets are visible by the public however.

If you monitor the traffic you will see there are no other communications other than that required to make connections to sync the music. Don't take my word for it, if you know how, check for yourself.

Random Bits

You do not have to use the Player or Server.The following is the format for posting:
#twitunez #nowplaying {song title} -- {song artist}
Format for custom 'stations'
#twitunez #{custom tag} {song title} -- {song artist}